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Our classes, regardless of level, are challenging, relaxing, serious, and fun.

Level 1/2
Suitable for beginners and experienced students, these classes emphasize the fundamentals of yoga. These classes include only limited practice of inverted poses and backbends.

Level 2/3
Building on the fundamentals, these classes for experienced students introduce more challenging poses such as inversions, backbends, and balances.

Level 3/4

This class is for long time yoga practitioners who are accomplished at inversions and backbends. Additionally, Barbara uses this class as a forum for refining teaching skills.
"I must have written you 50 letters a year, each one filled with gratitude at my good fortune to have had you as my first and primary yoga teacher; to continue to benefit from your stellar teaching and fine example; to have been inspired into and encouraged to grow and blossom with this work I can't imagine loving more."

"I just wanted to let you know, you are still the best there is in this city.  Whenever I have a student looking to deepen their practice, I send them to you.  You have made such a profound difference in my practice and my teaching.  I would not be the yogini I am today without you.  No matter how popular yoga gets, Boston will always need a teacher like you.  We are so lucky to have you.  Those who are serious about their practice realize that.  Thanks for being there for us year after year."