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NEW! More and More! vol. 4
This new series of live yoga classes was recorded during the first three weeks in January, 2008, and as with all of the classes in the Yoga Audio series, is intended for the strong intermediate yoga student. These classes are presented in their original sequence and build beautifully on each other— they are a snapshot of a training in progress, an endless exploration in which even the most familiar poses are always fresh, always full of new discoveries.

Available at: Heart of the Moon Media

More and More! vol. 3
Another set of three live classes recorded during the first three weeks in October, 2006 for the strong intermediate yoga student. Many of the students attending these classes were part of a committed group of teacher trainees that Barbara had been working with for over a year, so there is a certain kind of fire and depth to the series which any serious yogi will appreciate.

Available at: Heart of the Moon Media

MM2 More and More! vol. 2
This series of classes was offered by Barbara in early May, 2006, Cambridge, MA. They explore in detail many of the distinctive principles of yoga practice which she has been developing in over twenty seven years of teaching yoga: the practice of yoga as a form of experiential anatomy, the principle of "similar geometry" in a sequence of yoga poses, as well as the experience of somatic memory.

Perfect for yoga teachers or serious students who want to go deeper.

Available at: Heart of the Moon Media
More and More! vol. 1
Here is the first series of live recordings of Barbara Benagh’s yoga classes (recorded early in 2006), with some excellent examples of her calm, supportive, and yet intense approach to yoga. As she meticulously and organically guides us into each asana, we are invited to investigate the possibilities of what the poses might offer, but not foolishly or unskillfully. We are encouraged to explore, to go beyond our limits: more and more!

For lovers of yoga-asana practice, revelations are guaranteed!

Available at: Heart of the Moon Media

Breath Is Everything

This set of classes contains a wealth of yogic instruction on the art of breathing, both in stillness and in movement. We are treated to Barbara's unique perspective on all aspects of the breathing process, including natural breathing and breath mechanics, freeing the breath from its distorted patterns, and of course the formal practice of pranayama, or the yoga of breathing. The extensive breathwork section is followed by asana sequences which demonstrate how the breath integrates with movement during a slow flow of yogic postures.

.A fresh perspective on pranayama, and how it relates to serious asana practice.

Available at: Heart of the Moon Media

Yoga Journal Cover
Barbara Benagh is a frequent contributor to the Yoga Journal and a regular presenter at Yoga Journal Conferences. She wrote the Asana column in 2001 and appeared on the April 2002 cover.